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posted : Thursday, December 9
title : HOLIDAYS!
im am friggin bored now n i cant sleep..
im too excited.. yea! tom dance concerttt!!
i really hope we dont get lost or something.. haha.. why must they make nafa have diff buildings that are not in the same place!
bugis here i come!
dont really now what i wan to buy but.. yea..
i tried doing math.. but i just cant stand aft 10mins.
haha.. i really hope i can finish book 1 by jan2011.

now i have a new best fren.. GD! heeh.. hes too cute
gdgd baby baby baby gdgd baby baby baby
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anyways wat is up with ppl changing their profile pic to carton characters? too many ppl are doin it.. its kinda annoying.. hahah!

posted : Monday, October 4
title : life is good.
for some reason i kept pressing enter when i wrote the title. it immediately post it. great. k my blog is a bit weird becoz of the photo of kim jonghyun which is too big. i may want to find a new photo of him... but... naahhhh!! lazy.
well this days i am so busy with revising and homework. eoy have started.
first paper mt of course. the peribahasa i screwed up. i studied but still i screwed up. hai... how? well today i will end my post here.
i am superrr lazy to write anymore. yea. kudoos!

posted : Thursday, August 26
so.. its been a week since common test is over. if i am not wrg. so how was my week u ask? first of all let me tell u tht today is the 16th day of puasa!
14more days babeh! yea! puasa this year so fast! like.. its not even puasa. yea. haha.
heres my result
eng - c6 (lucky!)
e.math - c5 (for some reason)
a.math a2 (for some reason also)
mt - b4 (like wth??!)
humans - dont ask -.-
sci - a1 (shud be)
f&n - c5 (luckylucky i pass)
there u go.. all my hard work.. heres the result tht i get. lol.
anyway.... singapore is hosting Korean Pop Night Concert 2010
yea babeh!! i want go i want go!!!!!
guess who will be attending? SNSD, Big Bang, F.T Island, SHINee, INFINITE omg! they say there will be 1 more band.. but havent confirm yet. i hope it will be u-kiss or dna or SUJU. yea. girl grps.. miss a, f(x) or 2NE1! i have to get the tickets pronto men.. savemoney savemoney!
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posted : Friday, August 20
title : PUASA OII!
today is the 10th day of puasa!
i am happy that these 10 days was not that tough as i thought!
ouh yarh.. that reminds me.. JONATHAN U OWE ME AND IZZATI MCDONALDS!
hehehehe.. anywayss..
today np was fun. it was our first time running the whole cca. i mean.. like.. takeover on the actual cca day. it was tough. seriously. but we went in early right aft our last period to slack in np room. then we played with the... wat do u call tht thing? walkie talkie? is tht how u spell it? yea.. we made funny noises.. went around the school to see if we can still hear each other.. haha.. tht was seriously lame. lol. thn zi cong kept making the MUAHAHAHAHHAHA noise. then when sir came he took 1 n yea.. the fun kinda stop there. haha..
zi cong did say when he did the MUAUAHAHA... sir heard him.. haha.. epic.

im starting to like INFINITE now. they are like the old 2pm with exactly 7 members! the KIM SUNGGYU seriously looked like jay. n theres 1 that look like a girl.. cant rememeber his name.. yea.. im startin to take interest in them. their so cute!
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posted : Monday, July 26
title : badang!
so today went out early from the class to c badang at cathay with izzati and hidayah. cikgu zainal went and send us there since the principal let him leave school for a while. yeah.. today was so damn cold ok?!
PAK WAHID was there! hehe.. he so cute. the movie was cute too. but the disgusting part was when he eats the gin's vomit.. eww..
haha.. tht was it. i am seriously lazy to type some more. but here is my jjong version of 4men-baby baby.

posted : Monday, July 19
title : dejavu. PSYCHIC!
have u ever had an incident and felt like u have been through it and u noe wat is gonna happen next. i had!
actually i saw it in dreams.. for some reason.. like theres a hidden msg in my dreams. the other time i dreamt that i woke up at 2am in the morning. seriously i dreamt that i woke up thn i woke up it was 6am. thn guess wat.. on 10th july 2am came! thn i dreamt that somebody was gettin married or some sort.. all i can rememeber i was wearing a red baju kurung.. thn aft a few days i found out tht my cousin was gettin engaged! k.. i know marriage and engagement are diff.. but still??! im psychic!!! (:
haha.. these days theres not much dreams.. and if there were i would have forgotten it. haha!
sometimes when incidents happen i felt like i remembered being through it and knew what was gonna happen next.. weird.
dejavu is so coooooooool! but creepy at the same time.
guess wat?! shinee finally released their comeback album! now im listening to it.. on youtube.. haha.. most of their songs are like.. robotic.. techno feeling.. im not a fan of this genre but their album is.. ok i guess.. i have to listen to it all over again someother time. i didnt know jo kwon could dance MANLY. i mean i saw him in hot blood but.. yarh. NVM

i wanna watch DISPICABLE ME! buy for me tickets and give me money to buy popcorn!!! darn it. i wanna watch it in 3D. hehe.. lol.
today had a lot of things happen. haha.. luckily i did back my f&n door knob in time. i left it and home and also lucky i left it at home if not i will look like a noob as i thought we must do vitamins and minerals but we just need to do abt vitamins.
some people just.. haii.. dont anyhow meddle in ppl's businees if u dont knw anything.

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posted : Sunday, July 18
title : mini shindong!
i wanna share something!
i found a video and it was so freaking cutteee!
it was a mini shiindong from suju. and guess wat??
my kim jonghyun was there tooooo! i guess all the sm entertainment ppl were there coz i saw f(x), shinee and suju.
kimjonghyun was beside onew! yayayayayayayay!